Kansas Researchers of Unexplained Phenomenon (KRUP) was formed to investigate, research, and compile evidence of the unexplained. We use this website to display, share, debunk, and receive feedback from those interested in the same topics. We understand that a lot of the unexplained is just that and, as researchers, we are looking for reasons, explanations, and experiences to better our understanding of the unknown.
     Throughout our website and forum you will be presented with many topics ranging from paranormal, unidentified flying objects (UFO), extraterrestrial, alien abductions, vortex regions and ley lines, cryptozoology, subtle energy, remote viewing, demonology, spiritualism, ancient Sanskrit and ancient text concept, Egyptology, and more.
     If you are offended by concepts that make you think and open your mind or are not willing to participate in a manner that will be constructive for this field, please find a different avenue to vent your skepticism, anger, or frustrations, and we urge you to live in peace and love.

May the frequency of peace and love be with you!


Terry Rowe

Founder of KRUP and the Kansas Paranormal Alliance. Owner of Catch a Ghost Paranormal Equipment and Catch a Ghost Tours of Kansas. Pastor specializing in deliverance ministry. Inventor of paranormal equipment. Paranormal investigator for over 25 years. Certified paranormal investigator.


Equipment tech, certified paranormal investigator and researcher. He has been researching the paranormal for over 4 years. Owner of Scarecrow Avenue Furnishings.


Certified paranormal investigator, webmaster, and researcher of ancient texts. Professional graphic designer and book publisher. She has been researching the paranormal for over 15 years.


Honorary member and paranormal investigator. Counselor in holistic arts. Co-owner of Twin Creek Farm.


If you are interesting in joining our investigation team, please contact us. We are located near Hays, Kansas.




May the frequency of peace and love be with you!

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